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The National Network of Normal Schools (3NS) Corpora Project is a database of texts in various languages, collected to preserve literature and language, analyze the structure of the studied languages, and classify texts according to comprehension level for use in mother tongue-based multilingual education (MTBMLE).

Current Researches

  • Text Readability Instruments and Language Corpora of Select Philippine Languages
  • High Frequency Word List of Select Philippine Languages
  • Waray Early Grade Reading Assessment (WEGRA)
  • Graphemic and Phonemic Similarities Of Select Philippine Languages

  • Research Findings/Output

  • Waray Text Readability Instrument
  • Learner's Classified Dictionary for Learning English-Waray-Kana-Inabaknon-Tagalog Vocabularies(CHED/3NS,2014)

  • External Resources

  • B. Mallikarjun's Vocabulary Education:An Introduction to the Selection, Gradation, and Presentation of Words in First, Second, and Foreign Language Teaching

    National Network of Normal School (3NS)

  • Philippine Normal University
  • Mariano Marcos State University
  • Pangasinan State University
  • Palawan State University
  • Bicol University
  • Cebu Normal University
  • West Visayas State University
  • Western Mindanao State University
  • Bukidnon State University
  • Leyte Normal University